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At the age of 2 years, I was diagnosed with autism. At first, my mom did not notice but later she couldn't tell what was wrong with me. She asked every doctor she could find but unfortunately, they had the same problem. At last one doctor finally found out I was autistic. Hence, I was taken through numerous lectures to study the characteristics autistic children have that differed from the society. 5 years later, my mom established a school for autistic children to learn and become normal, but I think this autism is what makes me unique.

For example, I have something that the average man doesn't; I can look at numbers as if I am looking into another dimension like I am a creature from outer space. The mathematics that is so strenuous to my former classmates is like a walk in the park to me. In fact, the most ironic part is the people that surpassed me in English used to ask me to teach them mathematics. To me, mathematics is like an endless game that I love and will keep playing. Because of my excellence in math, I am also outstanding in subjects or courses correlated with math like the well-known physics.

Currently, I am a mathematics major and physics minor student at Oglethorpe University. Academically, I am a high achiever and this is evident from my GPA. Out of a total GPA of 4.0, my current GPA is 3.74 but my major GPA is 4.0. These GPAs presented an opening for Dean's list and a nomination for the Honors Council. At the moment, I am seeking a career focus in areas such as Modeling, Mechanics, Research, and Statistics.

In my "catching up," I also took lessons in music. My tutor taught me how to play the classic piano with grace and elegance. I was so good that I was made a candidate of the Muson Center in Lagos. Year after year, I played piano as an exam to go to the next grade. As a matter of fact, I was invited to ceremonies to play the piano because they loved how I played and the pieces I played. However, the school was intervening with my musical passion so I had to stop it for some years. But after some years, I played the piano in the Arts Symposium at Oglethorpe University.

In conclusion, all of these extraordinary qualities have roots in autism and make me who I am today. It makes me feel like the singularity in a million; left hand of the right group. Autism is the significant function of my life. This disorder is not seen as a cause but as an opportunity to adapt and become better than everyone else.

Patrick’s Qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: Oglethorpe University - Current Undergrad Student, Mathematics

Test Scores

SAT Composite: 1870

SAT Math: 770

SAT Verbal: 620

SAT Writing: 480


Basketball, Soccer, Piano playing