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Ive been playing music my whole life. I began studying music seriously and playing guitar in 2007, it has been my main instrument ever since. Before that I played double Bass in orchestra; other instruments include but not limited to; piano, synthesizer, drums/percussion, vocals, home made instruments, no input sound generators, contact microphones. Ive been writing pop music since 2010, performed for a couple of years, and then In 2014, I ventured out of the music industry to experiment with performance/action/body art and inadvertently realized the fundamental element of music that is the crux of my fascination and curiosity; sound. It really started when I took a work shop with two Japanese sound artists, Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda, that was eye opening( or rather, ear opening). Through them and their workshop I learned to think about sound in a completely new way. as a 3 dimensional phenomena. I learned how pure improvisation works along with new forms of composition via improvisation with found objects and listening . I spent about a year and a half working only in the experimental and improvisational scene, with roots in free jazz and modern avant -garde, and with an ear to collaboration, inclusivity, freedom from the known, musical agency. Half a year ago, I began again to desire the comfort and structure of a more conventional composition and songwriting and began writing my first album. It can be described as traditional folk and blues with influences of bosa nova, samba, punk and pop music. I live, curate, book shows, organize, and do sound and recording at La Playa, in Third ward, a free ethnomusicalogical outlet for the community and art co-op. alone or for an audience, when I make music now it ranges from solo acoustic singer songwriter stuff to completely avant garde and/ or improvisational music.
As a teacher I stress both effective and practical application of music theory "ideas"(ie: harmonic, melodic, rhythmic theory) along with building confidence in the students own practice and agency through improvisational exercises. curriculum will be personalized for each students needs but other areas of academic focus may include; performance, lite physics re: fundamentals of sound, critical listening(analyzing music), musical philosophy and history, Ethnomusicology, Songwriting and composition, nuance and other aesthetic tools, recording/audio engineering, equipment use and care(including very elementary electrical engineering concepts).

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Contemporary/ conceptual art, improvisation, avant garde, traditionalism, Ethnography, Culture, Philosophy, Literature and reading

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