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I’m currently a native of Buffalo, New York; however, I was born and raised Ghana, West Africa. From an academic standpoint, I have always worked hard at school primarily because I love to learn. I am currently pursuing my MD/MBA degree at University at Buffalo. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from SUNY at Binghamton. The work I find most stimulating allows me to use both my creative and teaching skills. One of my best qualities is my compassion and generosity. I have been commended and gained a reputation for my ability to work very well with others, my professional demeanor and my excellent communication skills. When I work with people, I am aware that everyone comes to the table with different priorities and objectives. I love all kinds of music and love to dance especially to the African Drum Language, which is sort of like a conversation with drums. My social side I express in many ways including with my family, friends and fitness clubs I've joined at school. I enjoy playing team sports such as volleyball, softball and tennis. In my spare time, I enjoy reading a novel, sewing and hiking.

Undergraduate Degree:

SUNY at Binghamton - Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry

Graduate Degree:

University at Buffalo - Current Grad Student, Community Health and Preventive Medicine

Reading, playing tennis, volleyball, softball, sewing and hiking

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