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Having applied my scientific knowledge in a variety of settings, I am eager to continue what I believe will be a series of valuable contributions to the field of education.

In my university experience, one fostered by values of tolerance and participation, curiosity and a real aptitude for learning, I began to develop skills in communication and teamwork which have been the cornerstone of my working life thus far. In those five years of undergraduate study, I earned a B.S in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. My independent study has given me perspective in the areas of religion, human rights and the role of the media in western societies.

As a founding member of Pacific Union College's chapter of Amnesty International, I am not only sensitive to international challenges on the issue but have a working knowledge of the mechanisms of appeal and protest as prime movers in defeating violations of freedom and dignity. I also participated in student bodies of the African community on campus as well as the Health Club. I developed sales promotion items in the form of donation cards for 'Oxen for Ethiopia' in collaboration with the noted author and historian Dr Adugnau, to assist in raising funds for agricultural relief in rural Ethiopia. I have dedicated four years as volunteer to St Helena Hospital and Dorcas, a local, faith-based charitable organization.

As assistant manager at the Howell Mountain Mutual Water Company in Northern California, I ran a successful contingency for water quality assessment and dissemination. Monitoring annual rainfall and collecting samples from 8 data points in the watershed, I next entered data to create State mandated reports with illustrations to demonstrate compliance and very high quality control at the plant.
Perhaps the most refined characteristic of a learning endeavor in my personal experience is my teaching. I have given academic assistance from a very young age, in British boarding school, where academic rigor was commonplace and produced world-class university prep. Given my own difficult beginnings with math and science, I have been able to develop a fusion of various methods intended to cover all aspects of the teaching and learning intersect.

Especially where math and science are concerned, I emphasize the value of vocabulary. A student may not understand the statement 'invert the function,' but this is a very simple process obedient to simple rules surrounding the (=) sign. 'What is the molar equivalency?' simply requires a division! Always careful to avoid condescension and depressing rhetoric, I complement all students - knowing the venerable nature of a call to learning. Having been a student of public speaking, I favor 'with-ness' rather than 'at-ness' or 'to-ness,' there-by facilitating a conversation effect rather than commanding overtones and the tension that would follow.

Communication is key, setting standards on behavior as relates to punctuality and diligence, never completing tasks for them but requiring full participation. Where I encourage a role reversal and real-world parallels I have succeeded in combining the commonly used methods of alternation and application. This illustrated whether the student has grasped the material soundly. I will also mark topics of weakness and remediate these during following sessions, over-lapping as needed. I emphasize the value of time management and cover basic test taking techniques. The importance of memory cannot be understated and in the field of chemistry as in physiology and physics, I often draw parallels, employing associative and imagination memory more so than location. The former two better facilitate mnemonics in the context of a microscopic world foreign in concept to the layman.

Over the years I have tutored for the NY board of Education, my alma mater and personal family friends and acquaintances. I have a remarkable grasp of the English language and seen much success in English composition students, employing the Socratic method on well researched syntheses, have taught calculus with limited success vis a vis physiology and physics, algebra being a requirement and whose vocabulary is often lost on underprepared students overwhelmed with the retro-synthetic demands of re-learning what is a cumulative field called mathematics. I feel very strongly that my experience and strong inclination towards teaching would be an invaluable asset to your organization, and ask only for the opportunity to prove myself.

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Undergraduate Degree: Pacific Union College - Bachelor of Science, Biology, General

Graduate Degree: The John Marshall Law School - Current Grad Student, Biochemistry

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MCAT: 29


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