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I have over 15 years of engineering experience in addition to classroom experience through the Master's level. My greatest reward as a student was to help others learn concepts that they were struggling with. This motivated me to serve as a calculus and physics tutor during the last two school years, and I look forward to helping additional students in the future.

Timothy’s Qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: The Citadel - Bachelors, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate Degree: Naval Postgraduate School - Masters, Applied Physics

Test Scores

ACT Composite: 32

ACT English: 30

ACT Reading: 36

ACT Science: 33


Traveling, sports, hiking, reading

Tutoring Subjects

10th Grade

10th Grade Math

10th Grade Reading

10th Grade Writing

11th Grade

11th Grade Math

11th Grade Reading

11th Grade Writing

12th Grade

12th Grade Math

12th Grade Reading

12th Grade Writing

1st Grade

1st Grade Math

1st Grade Reading

1st Grade Writing

2nd Grade

2nd Grade Math

2nd Grade Reading

2nd Grade Writing

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Math

3rd Grade Reading

3rd Grade Science

3rd Grade Writing

4th Grade

4th Grade Math

4th Grade Reading

4th Grade Science

4th Grade Writing

5th Grade

5th Grade Math

5th Grade Reading

5th Grade Science

5th Grade Writing

6th Grade

6th Grade Math

6th Grade Reading

6th Grade Science

6th Grade Writing

7th Grade

7th Grade Math

7th Grade Reading

7th Grade Science

7th Grade Writing

8th Grade

8th Grade Math

8th Grade Reading

8th Grade Science

8th Grade Writing

9th Grade

9th Grade Math

9th Grade Reading

9th Grade Writing

ACCUPLACER Arithmetic Prep

ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Prep

ACCUPLACER Language Use Prep

ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension Prep

ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills Prep

ACCUPLACER WritePlacer Prep

Adult Literacy


Algebra 2

AP Physics 2


Calculus 2

College Algebra

College Physics

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Elementary School

Elementary School Math

Elementary School Reading

Elementary School Science

Elementary School Writing



High School

High School Chemistry

High School English

High School Physics

High School Writing


Middle School

Middle School Math

Middle School Reading

Middle School Science

Middle School Writing





Test Prep


Q & A

What is your teaching philosophy?

My goal as a tutor is to inspire confidence within each student that I have the opportunity to work with, so that they may achieve success both in their current coursework and future academic endeavors. No matter the subject, I aim to reinforce the fundamentals of the coursework to ensure that each student has a foundation for long-term success.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

In a first session, I intend to take the time to get to know a bit of the student's background in order to understand the challenges they are facing in addition to their personal strengths and weaknesses. Incorporating a student's interests into explanations of course concepts has proven to be a successful technique.

How can you help a student become an independent learner?

Rather than merely answering homework questions or reviewing for an exam, a focus on the process for answering different types of questions aids in independent learning. If the process is defined, understood, and written down, then the student can always turn to that reference when they are studying on their own.

How would you help a student stay motivated?

I believe that setting goals drives individual motivation. Subconsciously, we are all driven to succeed at some level. So, setting both short- and long-term goals for a course and/or for an academic career is a meaningful way to create and then maintain motivation.

If a student has difficulty learning a skill or concept, what would you do?

In many cases, taking a step back from the task at hand helps a student to overcome a challenging concept. All courses have building blocks, but in a classroom environment there is limited time to review in a way that meets each student's individual needs. Individual tutoring allows for that review, however.