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In our society it is important for us to be good and confident problem solvers. I believe that the study of mathematics is more than just math and numbers, but it is a foundation for solving problems. We learn to review a problem, break it down come up with logical steps and apply our solution. I have always had the ability to help students break down the problem and then apply a solution. I am able to meet students where they are at because that makes them more successful. I love to watch them gain confidence as their skills increase and I love to watch them succeed. Nothing is more precious than the big smile when understanding happens. Helping others learn is not just something I am good at, it is something I am passionate about.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Colorado Denver - Bachelors, Mathematics

Graduate Degree:

University of Colorado Denver - Masters, Mathematics

I love to watch sports and dance. I read all differnt types of books. I also like to cook, hike, take long walks and bicycle.

Discrete Math

Elementary School Math

GRE Subject Test in Mathematics

GRE Subject Tests

IB Further Mathematics

IB Mathematical Studies

IB Mathematics