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I’m a native Mandarin speaker from China. Born and raised in China, I speak in very standard Mandarin, and have a deep understanding of Chinese culture, communication, history and current events. After finishing my MA in English language, I’ve worked for 8 years in international cultural and education organizations to promote international cooperation and exchanges in China. 

My credentials include “Certificate of Speaking Standard Mandarin Chinese”, which is the most official and difficult certificate that most Chinese people do not have, cannot pass or have a lower score of it. I’ve gained the certificate with a very high score, which has brought me good opportunities of teaching foreigners Mandarin Chinese. 

I have 10+ years of tutoring experiences. My students are from US, UK, France, Japan, Italy and some other countries, from children to business owners. After coming to the US, I’ve given special lectures on Chinese names to university International students and scholars’ office staff. In Los Angeles, I’ve tutored pre-school kids to high school students, and some working professionals. 

In order for my students to learn faster and more effectively, I design my classes and materials for each student according to his/her individual need, interest and level. 

For toddlers, I mainly teach through Montessori teaching methods, where I immerse children into “Chinese” environment through music, painting, games and activities. The key to this process is to create fun, attractive and controllable activities for kids to relate the “happily playing moment” with the language.

For elementary students, depending on whether they’re going to immersion Chinese programs, I give them different material to enhance and/or supplement their school learning. They will also learn through a wide variety of activities, but with more skills and language input. We’ll also learn culture and communication through daily activities, ceremonies and festivals. 

For middle school and high school students, I teach them more history, customs, idioms and current issues happening in China. There will also be some interesting course elements like learning characters through a fun way, cultural comparison, etc. One of my high school students commented that she has learned more Chinese in 2 months than learning 4 years of Japanese.

For adult learners, I design my lessons especially according to their different needs. Beyond learning conversational Chinese, I teach my students strategies in communicating in different occasions. Besides, I’ve designed my course in a way that includes history and geography, business etiquette, small talk skills, and other key aspects to enjoy China and even the Chinese speaking regions.

Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, and Chinese culture. I’m more than happy to help.

Fei’s Qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: Jilin University - Bachelors, English Language and Literature

Graduate Degree: Shanghai International Studies University - Masters, Chinese-English Language and Translation

Test Scores

GRE Quantitative: 162

GRE Verbal: 150


Yoga, traveling, hiking, reading

Tutoring Subjects


Conversational Mandarin

Elementary School Math




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Mandarin Chinese 3

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Q & A

What is your teaching philosophy?

Teaching should be tailor-made to every single student. Learning should be a fun yet organized process.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

1. I'll have asked many questions to know student's expectation and how a student learns best before the start of the 1st session, if possible. 2. In my 1st session, I'll have some fun icebreakers to explore students' language learning habits, hobbies and interests... I'll also make sure all my students learn something practical during the 1st session, so as to boost their confidence.

How can you help a student become an independent learner?

1. Through inter-connected and carefully designed lessons 2. Through fun activities and games to teach and review 3. Through age-appropriate social media tools (if applicable), allowing students to use the language and communicate

How would you help a student stay motivated?

1. Through lesson content for students to see his / her own progress 2. Through motivating the students to use the language 3. I correct only when necessary, and talk to them so that they identify the best way to express their meaning