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Spanish became a passion of mine from a young age and still is. I studied Spanish 1-4 in High School and continued my studies throughout college. I studied the language and culture while attending University of California, Santa Barbara and obtained my degree in the Spanish language; it is one of my greatest achievements. Another opportunity I was given was to be a Spanish 2 Substitute Teacher. I took over the classroom for half a semester where I was able to get hands on experience in the classroom while the teacher was out on maternity leave. That's what helped me decide that I want to become a Spanish Teacher.

I know how timid a new Spanish language learner can be and I want to help break the ice. I think really understanding the language at the beginner level is key to keeping students interest in continuing to learn the language. Being able to communicate in multiple languages is a great asset and I would like to help others be able to confidently achieve that status.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of California-Santa Barbara - Bachelors, Spanish

Sports Officiating, Reading, Writing, Spanish, Poetry