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I am a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo. I received my BA in Romance Languages with a focus in French. Since before I completed my bachelor's, I have enjoyed collaborating with other students to expand our knowledge,and sharing my knowledge with others to further their success.

It is my philosophy that sharing knowledge benefits every person. You always get to keep the information that you share as a teacher, and the student can always share it with someone else.

As a student at UTBM in France (semester abroad), I used my language skills to help my fellow international students navigate the city we lived in, communicate with other students and teachers, and achieve their academic goals.

At the same time, I helped my fellow French students understand the relationship of integration with area under or above a function on a graph, and helped them use this relationship to demonstrate our findings in Excel (Microsoft Office).

While my studies are concentrated in linguistics and in particular the French language, I am also very passionate about math and science, and I believe everyone deserves a strong background in all subjects in order to be successful.

Outside of tutoring, I co-own a small software company with my brother, and in my spare time I like to play volleyball, ride my bike, and work on my cars (I am a Volkswagen enthusiast).

Undergraduate Degree:

University at Buffalo - Bachelors, Romance Languages - French

I enjoy volleyball, bmx, working on cars, and british humour

What is your teaching philosophy?

If the teacher doesn't understand the student first, the student will never understand the teacher. Know your pupils, and they will eventually know everything you know.