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Growing up in a home with a Mexican mother and an Iranian father, who embraced each other’s cultures, ignited my passion and curiosity to learn about different cultures and different languages. I consider Spanish and English to be my native languages. At home, I only spoke in Spanish and occasionally in Farsi. At school and elsewhere, I spoke in English. In high school, when the opportunity to learn a new language arrived, I enthusiastically grabbed it and never looked back. Ever since then, I’ve added French to my list and with time I hope to add more. However, my passion for languages doesn’t end with me. I love encouraging others to learn new languages as well. During my fourth year at UCI, I participated in an internship that allowed me to work with high school students at Laguna Hills High School in both English and Spanish. As an intern, I led workshops each week for a class dedicated to the topics of International Relations and Globalization. I worked with both the English and Spanish classes. While that was my first teaching experience, it was certainly not my last. This internship motivated me to apply for an English teaching assistant program in France a few years later. From 2014 to 2015, I lived and worked in Paris as an English teaching assistant at a middle school and high school. I taught students from 11 to 18 years old. This time around I wasn’t just an intern that would work with each class a couple of hours a week; I was responsible for planning each lesson and taught up to 15 French students per class. Their English speaking skills varied greatly, sometimes within the same class. In addition, I tutored the high school seniors individually or in groups of three for their English oral exam. This was an enriching experience that allowed me to share the English language and American culture with others. It also permitted me to continue my own journey in learning and mastering the French language, which started in high school and continues to this day.

As a tutor, I hope to teach students to love learning new languages as well. I am a sociable person, who enjoys interacting with others. In my opinion, tutors and teachers need to be patient and willing to explain concepts and ideas in different ways. Teaching English as a second language, taught me enormously about patience and creativity. With my international experience not only in France, but also in Mexico (I lived there until the age of 8 and go back at least once a year), I will be able to mentor and tutor students on their own language journey.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of California-Irvine - Current Undergrad, International Studies and French

Reading, running, listening to music, going to concerts, going to museums, eating and trying new foods, learning languages, discovering new cultures

College English

Conversational French

Conversational Spanish

French 1

High School English

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