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Hi! I am currently attending College of Marin and I will apply to universities this upcoming Fall. My major is Aerospace Engineering but I also really like Theoretical Physics.

Many people assume I???m some sort of genius just because I graduated high school a year early; however, that???s not the case. As a matter of fact, I was a very weak student in high school, and attending a prestigious private school which required a certain GPA to get into as a freshman just made me seem dumber compared to most of the other students. Each time my parents would visit the school in order to get my report card (which was about once a month) they would just have to suffer seeing how far beyond I was compared to everybody else.

Despite me being a ???very bad??? student, I somehow managed to pass all my classes and get my diploma early. After that I was forced to take classes in my local community college due to my parents??? insistence; however, I didn???t take those courses seriously either. I just wanted to start working and make money, and that???s exactly what I did.

I dropped all my classes without my parents even knowing and started working full-time in a department store. It was very fun and exciting at first, I made enough money to buy a car in just a couple of months. I was thinking of making a career out of working in that store until something changed.All of a sudden I didn???t like working there anymore. I had to clean up after thoughtful shoppers who would make a mess out of the store and deal with clueless customers at the register who would blame me for their inconvenient visits to the store just because there was no one else to blame. And all for what? To get paid a little over minimum wage. I considered changing jobs, but I figured working at other places wouldn???t be much better.

Then one week I visited some friends at UC Berkeley and Davis. I had experienced college life and liked it so much I felt left out. It didn???t take me long after that to decide I want to go back to college. I quit my then current job and started taking classes full-time, and I???m doing surprisingly well. My friends from high school still can???t believe I have changed so much, and although neither my parents can believe it either, I can tell they???re both very proud of me.

So why am I a tutor? Well as you just read I quit my job, but I still need money to pay for gas and other thing, so I decided to be a math tutor. It seems like a perfect job for me since I don???t have to work to many hours and I can concentrate on my studies. Also I thought it would be good to include in a college application.

Also if you were wondering, when I'm not studying I am probably watching or playing soccer (I'm a huge Manchester United fan), playing video games, hanging out with my friends, spending time on social media, taking pictures of nature, or many other things.

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Undergraduate Degree: College of Marin - Current Undergrad, Aerospace Engineering



Q & A

What is your teaching philosophy?

Due to my calm personality, I am a very patient tutor. I also get very disappointed when I fail to teach my students a topic; thus, I take my sessions very seriously.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

Assess the student.

How can you help a student become an independent learner?

Little by little, I'll assign them to read portions of their book.