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I have been a professional after-school tutor for three years, serving high-need middle and high schools through DPS as well as privately tutoring students of all grade levels from early elementary up to graduating bachelor's.

My primary focus is physics and mathematics, but I have plenty of experience and great confidence with all subject areas from elementary to early college.

Growing up as the second oldest in a family of ten meant I was always there to help my younger siblings and cousins with their homework and test studies, and when my social circle expanded beyond my family and I started helping friends with their work as well, I realized I could help even more people by offering my services.

From the first students I taught to my most recent, helping someone understand something that at first exceeded their grasp is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had. I am greatly looking forward to helping you or your loved one to be the confident, intelligent person I know is in there.

Undergraduate Degree:

Metro State University of Denver - Current Undergrad, Physics

Games, Books, Stories, Movies

College English

Discrete Math

Elementary School Math

High School English

High School Physics

Homework Support

IB Computer Science HL

IB Computer Science SL

IB Design Technology SL



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