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I am a Santa Barbara native currently in my final year at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am a candidate for a BA in Psychology with a minor in Applied Psychology and a certificate in Sport Management. The pursuit of academic excellence has always been an integral part of my life. I graduated in the top 10 percent of my class from San Marcos High School with an SAT score of 220, as well as passed 7 AP tests, which allowed to me to accrue enough college credit that I had Junior standing by the third quarter of my freshman year. Moreover, I have maintained a 3.5 GPA throughout my college career, which I credit to a strong work ethic and time management skills. I also currently work as an in-home instructor with clients living with ASD and other developmental disabilities, which I find rewarding not only because it allows for practical application of the knowledge and skills Ive learned in the course of my studies, but because I am contributing to and making a tangible difference in someone else's life.

Similarly, I'm very excited about the opportunity to help young scholars reach for the stars in terms of their own academic achievement. I believe that every student has the innate potential to thrive in the classroom, and it takes only the right mentoring to help them develop a sense of self efficacy and a passion for learning that will serve as the drive to help them succeed in high school and beyond. I hope that through my work as a tutor, I can increase my students study skills, subject knowledge, and excitement about achieving all of their dreams for the future.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of California - Santa Barbara - Current Undergrad, Psychology

Health & Fitness, Reading, Writing, Baking, Crafting

AP US History

CAHSEE Mathematics

College English

High School English

Homework Support


Social Sciences

Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization