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I am about to receive my Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Criminology from CSU Northridge. Currently, I specialize in tutoring statistics and Spanish, as I have been doing so for about four years now. I started tutoring statistics at the CSUN Math Department during my second year of college and I completely fell in love with it. I felt that I had discovered a true passion of mine after taking my first statistics course and promptly being recommended for a tutoring position. I am very comfortable with the material and I strive to make my students reach the same level of comfort.

In regard to my experience with Spanish, aside from speaking the language since I was about five years old, I have taken four years of Spanish courses. In addition to this, I have been tutoring Spanish for a private tutoring company for about two years now. I have worked with students of different age and learning levels, from middle school to college. As a tutor and mentor, I always try to foster autonomy in my students. By discussing relevant applications of the course material with my students, I find that they are usually able to grasp a better understanding of the material. Given that, I believe that learning should be fun for everyone, and that most people learn best through engagement. I try to adapt to different learning styles and be as responsive to the individual student's needs at all times.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading as much as I can. Though I am an ardent reader of classic literature, Walden being my all-time favorite novel, I enjoy reading almost anything from newspaper articles to witty shampoo labels. I also enjoy reading about statistics and finding ways in my every day life to implement statistics.

Undergraduate Degree:

 CSUN - Current Undergrad, Sociology with an emphasis on Criminology

I am a huge fan of classic literature (not to be confused with classical literature, which is great in its own way, I suppose) and I genuinely love solving out statistics problems.