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I am excited to help students improve their results, whether that be in a particular subject or on a standardized test. I remember how hard I studied in some subjects at a pre-collegiate level, and over preparing for the SATs, so I feel well-prepared to add value there. I tutored throughout most of my time in college as well. My strengths are Math and Science, however I may be able to tutor other subjects as well depending on the subject.

Undergraduate Degree:

Lehigh - Bachelors, IBE-Finance, Information & System Engineering

ACT Math: 34

SAT Math: 800

SAT Writing: 760

SAT Mathematics Level 2: 800

SAT Subject Test in Chemistry: 730

Sailing, Windsurfing, Running, Boxing

What is your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosophy is to first try to identify areas to work on (i.e. weaknesses or areas of difficulty that can be improved). Then explain the subject matter at hand. Then, once explained, practice, practice, practice until, frankly, the topic is committed to memory.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

First, review the subject and the syllabus of all topics covered. Get an understanding of various strengths, weaknesses, hard subjects, and easy subjects for the student. Spend the rest of the first session working on a difficult subject. Then, start the second session with an organized plan.