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I graduated Sprign 2016 from the University of California, San Diego pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacological Chemistry., I plan on attending a pharmacy school to attain a professional doctor degree in pharmacy (Pharm D.), so that I can achieve my goal of becoming a Pharmacist. Throughout my years of schooling, I have gained extensive knowledge of Chemistry, Biology, and Math, which happens to be my favorite subject.

I believe that the most important aspect of tutoring is to gain the student’s attention by sparking an interest in the field that they are struggling the most with. As a tutor, I accomplish this by actively listening, ensuring that the student is comfortable asking questions, and most importantly by always being cheerful and patient.

It has always been a passion of mine to help others, and as a tutor I find it very gratifying knowing that I’m helping another student succeed.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of California-San Diego - Current Undergrad, Pharmacological Chemistry

My hobbies include puzzles, reading, and rock climbing.

Analytical Chemistry

Anatomy & Physiology


CLEP Biology

CLEP Calculus

CLEP Chemistry

CLEP College Mathematics

College Biology

Elementary School Math

Elementary School Science

GED Math

GED Science

High School Biology

High School Chemistry

IB BIology

IB Chemistry

IB Mathematics


Middle School Science

Molecular Biology

Molecular Genetics


PCAT Biology

PCAT Chemistry

PCAT Quantitative Ability


Social Sciences

What is your teaching philosophy?

I believe that the first step to teaching is to find out each individual student's learning techniques and then help spark an interest and willingness to learn.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

In a typical first session, I help identify the core of the student's problem areas after listening to what they are struggling with. I ensure that the foundations of the subject are understood.

How can you help a student become an independent learner?

I believe that the best way to help a student become an independent learner is to boost their confidence in the subject they are having the most trouble with.

If a student has difficulty learning a skill or concept, what would you do?

I would help the student relate the concept to their own life and things that interest them. I'd also help the student create mechanisms for memorizing concepts easier.