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I love seeing a moment when a student gets a difficult problem, or when I can help them see a problem a different way. These are the things that I feel are most rewarding about teaching, and I always strive to reach that deep level of understanding with every student. Though some tutoring companies use a hardwired approach to taking tests, I feel that it's better to work with strategies that a student already is comfortable with. I customize every study plan to ensure that every one of my students can feel their most confident when it counts.

Undergraduate Degree:

New York University - Current Undergrad, Neuroscience

SAT Composite: 2120

SAT Math: 710

SAT Verbal: 700

SAT Writing: 710

AP Biology: 4

AP English Literature: 4

AP Art History: 5

Art, face painting, henna, cooking, baking

College Biology

Conversational French

Conversational Mandarin

French 1

General Biology

High School Biology

HSPT Language Skills Prep

HSPT Math Prep

HSPT Quantitative Prep

HSPT Reading Prep

HSPT Verbal Prep

Mandarin Chinese 3

Mandarin Chinese 4





How can you help a student become an independent learner?

I like to go over questions with my students together if they don't feel confident with the material at first. When I feel like we've seen a variety of problems, I have them start to work on their own and I support them with guidance when they get stuck.

If a student has difficulty learning a skill or concept, what would you do?

I like to go back and start from the basics. I find that sometimes the difficulty comes from not fully understanding the basics before moving on to a more complex concept, and then the student feels lost and confused. By starting from a more fundamental level, we can build up their knowledge until we reach a level of understanding that is expected of them.