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Tutoring starts with a smile and with a connection. Students love to be noticed for what they are able to do and for what makes them unique in this world. Students also like to feel proud of their work, so it is important for them to set goals for themselves, and to be able to take note of the progress they are making. Empty praise such as "Great job!" or "You are so smart," have little effect on students. However, a simple statement of fact, like "Your letters are so well formed that I can easily understand your ideas," to a first grader, or "This sentence uses the evidence about how bullfrogs' skin blends in with pond water so well to prove your argument. What other evidence might you want to add?" to a fifth grader, can help them reach for their highest level of productivity.

Having strong skills in the basic subjects also helps make me a great tutor. I know where students should be academically and how to support them in the areas where they need to improve. I know how to lay a conceptual foundation to enable students to move forward, and I know how to get students to start thinking about a topic with ideas and questions that spring from their own authentic curiosity. I have taught 5th grade non-readers, non-English-speakers to read. I have taught place value to confused fourth graders. I have taught high school students how to present arguments in an organized and compelling style. I have a lot of tools in my teacher's toolkit and would love the opportunity to use them.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of California-Santa Barbara - Bachelors, English Literature


College English

Comparative Literature

Conversational Spanish

High School English

Spanish 1