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It has been years since I began teaching English courses in the College of Architecture at University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila, Philippines, where I also obtained my BA , English Literature, and MA, Education, Curriculum and Instruction . In addition, I earned full credits towards EDD, Curriculum and Instruction, at said University. As a teacher/tutor, I consider myself a guide in the student's journey of exploring, learning, embedding and applying new knowledge and ideas.

Whenever I start a new lesson, it has been my practice to learn as much as possible about the student's background knowledge of the subject. I believe this to be effective since building upon prior knowledge is key to the student's ability to learn and understand subsequent levels.

Moreover, a customized approach to learning is important for I view each student as a unique individual whose personality, learning style, and cultural background may have specific needs. This is especially true when teaching English as a second language. I have developed and used assessment tools to monitor, track and measure a student's progress according to his individual needs and goals. Furthermore, learning should never be a boring activity. I strive to incorporate creativity and fun into my sessions as the learner explores, engages, and prepares for future lessons. The student's ability to learn is only as good as his teacher's ability to share ideas that can be grasped, understood and used in a practical sense.

To me, given the proper environment and motivation during the learning process, the student can grow, reach his full potential, and certainly have fun. I see tutoring as service and a continuous lifelong learning experience for me as well. I have listened to countless students of all ages tell their own stories and provide valuable feedback that opened my mind to great ideas, refreshed knowledge, and inspired new teaching strategies and paradigms on my part. Finally, as I do expect promptness, respect, patience, and preparedness from those whom I mentor, I take it upon myself to demonstrate the same to them with focus and commitment.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines - Bachelors, English Literature

Graduate Degree:

University of Santo Tomas, Manila Philiippines - Masters, Curriculum and Instruction

Reading, Playing the Piano, Interior Decorating, Gardening

College English

Comparative Literature

High School English