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I have recently graduated from Metropolitan Community College with an Associate in Arts degree with emphasis in Mathematics with Deans Honor roll. I am a Mathematics major and would transfer to a university later on for a BS in Mathematics program. I plan on becoming an Actuary in future. I have a one year tutoring experience with college students. Mathematics is my favorite subject and I like tutoring it. It is my passion. While tutoring students I have a friendly attitude towards them. Whenever there is a problem or a concept a student is struggling with I usually approach it by asking the student that what does he think that how the question should be solved.I love to read in my free time and cricket is my favorite sport. I am dedicated, hardworking and a motivated person. My aim is to teach Mathematics in such a way that not only the students will learn rather they will also enjoy learning.

Graduate Degree:

Metropolitan Community College-Longview - Unknown, Arts

I love to read in my free time and my favorite sport is cricket.

What is your teaching philosophy?

I try to be friendly with students. I first ask them how they think a Math problem could be solved, and then I try to solve it taking suggestions from them.