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I am a graduate of the University of Virginia (Biology) and received my Master's in Education from Emory and Henry College. After 4 years of teaching science at the high school and middle school level, I have decided to switch careers and become a baker. Every morning I am up before the sun making baguettes, pretzels, muffins, and other sweet treats at Watercourse bakery in downtown Denver. Nevertheless, I am still passionate about science and desire to share the knowledge with students. In tutoring sessions, I will utilize my experience with pedagogical best practices to ensure that students reach their goals and achieve success.

In 4 years of teaching I have learned a great deal about classroom management, data driven instructions, and current pedagogical strategies. However, I have found that the greatest tool for increasing student achievement is forming a solid relationship. Students won't care until they know that you care. Thus, I have utilized every strategy within my arsenal to ensure that my students know that I am invested in their growth and achievement, both in academics and character.

I will utilize the skills learned from my experience work with students on increasing their academic rigor and confidence to achieve. Not only will the students become more knowledgeable of the content, but also of strategies for study, test taking, and project completion. By organizing content and materials, while tracking standard mastery, students will watch themselves develop further and have documentation of their own success.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Virginia-Main Campus - B.A., Biology

Graduate Degree:

 Emory and Henry College - M.Ed., Education

Being outdoors, skiing, running, biking, hiking, reading science-fiction, baking, and cooking.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Teaching Philosophy Teaching allows me to accomplish what I believe to be a vital responsibility of all biologists: communicating information to the public so that they can make enlightened decisions about the environment. All citizens should have a basic understanding of scientific practices, evolutionary mechanisms, the interdependence of biological systems, and the structure of the human body. Furthermore, teaching grants me the opportunity to have a beneficial effect on future generations through instructions of how to appropriately integrate into and participate in a functioning democratic society. Finally, teaching allows me to produce well-acclimated and happy individuals, that have the appropriate tools for realizing their desires, whether they are related to scientific study or not. All students are born with the capacity and desire for learning. Whether or not they succeed in life is dependent upon their developmental experience and the education they receive. Teachers have a profound effect on students. There is no greater indicator on student achievement than the effectiveness of the instructor, even when compared with parent education and socio-economic standing. Teachers may positively influence students to realize their goals or negatively influence students to perpetually fail. Thus, I strive to engage every student in active learning of biological concepts and provide constructive feedback to encourage further development and understanding.