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Math isn't just numbers and computer science isn't just code on a screen. Math is a method of communicating an abstract idea and computer science is the method of creating a structure in your mind. I help show my students the idea behind mathematical principles, why they exist and how they link back to more rudimentary concepts. All of math builds on a few basic ideas, so my goal is to help you understand a new concept by breaking it down to those ideas.

I struggled immensely as a young student with mathematics (I even failed my 7th grade final exam). I then relegated myself to a {C,C+,B-} student in mathematics. Only after linking all the areas of math together was I able to succeed and use it to conduct cutting edge research at a top graduate institution.

As for computer science, I believe that the key to success is constructing a map of the system or of what you're designing in your head before you touch the keyboard. I help my students become experts at pseudocode, so they can design an entire project in 15 minutes and then code it up with ease.

Undergraduate Degree:

 NYU - BA, Mathematics and Computer Science

Graduate Degree:

 UMASS Amherst - MS-Thesis, Computer Science

Machine Learning, Probability, Piano, Rowing, Hockey

AP Computer Science

AP Computer Science A

College Computer Science

College English

Computer Programming

High School Computer Science

High School English


Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science

Operating Systems


Technology and Computer Science

What is your teaching philosophy?

I believe that before we focus on details, we should explore why this method is being used or what properties we expect the solution to have. Ideally, we can connect all the subjects together (within math or CS), so that a new topic is merely an extension of what we already know.