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I'm currently a PhD student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I focus on American literature and history and theory of the novel. I'm also a former high school English teacher and have lots of experience working one-on-one with students from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. As I've navigated the various levels of the academic world, the most important thing I've come to realize is that nobody achieves success without the support of others. This is why I'm a tutor. Because I want my students to understand that their current performance is simply a point on a learning curve, not an ultimate indication of their natural abilities, and all they need is someone to guide them to the next level. Because I want them to view being wrong as a valuable opportunity to learn, not something to be ashamed of. And because I want them to know that being smart means asking questions, not answering them.

As I work with students, I find it's most helpful to talk through the project, whether it's preparing for a test or writing an essay, to find out where the points of confusion are or what skills are necessary to get the best result. From there, we'll go through skill-building exercises and talk about the connections between the individual skills and the project at hand. Ultimately, the goal is to give students the skills not only to complete the immediate task, but also the self-awareness to tackle future projects.

Undergraduate Degree:

Beloit College - Bachelor in Arts, English

Graduate Degree:

Northwestern University - Master of Arts, English

Reading, Cooking & Baking, Music (I play piano), Travel, Crafts (I just started sewing), Independent Movies

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10th Grade Writing

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12th Grade Writing

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9th Grade Writing

Adult Literacy

American Literature

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Comparative Literature

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High School Level American Literature

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