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At Tufts I was employed as a college tutor, where I taught one on one in physics, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and organic chemistry. I enjoy seeing my students gain not only in understanding the beautiful logic of the sciences, but also confidence in their classes. I was nominated for Head Tutor by the Department of Biology.

Since then, I have been helping students gain admissions to their dream prep schools, colleges, and professional schools through test, subject, and admissions/lifestyle coaching. I am currently studying clinical medicine and enjoy triathlon training.

I tailor lessons to my students' experience and learning style. For a test prep student, I teach not only the underlying material, but how to /think/ about the exam and different question types. We'll maximize your score this way. I believe in my students' potential.

Undergraduate Degree:

Tufts University - Bachelor of Science, Biology and Chemistry

MCAT: 39

MCAT Biological Sciences: 13

MCAT Physical Sciences: 14

MCAT Verbal Reasoning: 12

Triathlon, Tough Mudder, Capoiera, tango

Anatomy & Physiology


College Biology

College Physics

MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills


DAT Perceptual Ability

DAT Quantitative Reasoning

DAT Reading Comprehension

DAT Survey of the Natural Sciences

GRE Subject Test in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology

GRE Subject Test in Psychology

GRE Subject Tests

High School Biology

High School Chemistry

High School Physics


Life Sciences

MCAT Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior

Medical Terminology


Middle School Science






SAT Subject Tests Prep

Social Sciences

Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization


What is your teaching philosophy?

I tailor my lessons to the student. Some do well in a Q and A format; others like in-depth explanations using visual and mnemonic aids. Some students like a structured style; others learn best in a conversational approach linking what the student needs to learn to what he/she already knows. Often I use a mix of styles depending on the material and the student's level of mastery. I use quiz questions for review, teaching, and practice. I break down and solve questions with the student, so he/she understands what to do each step of the way. I use more complex questions to review skills for a student who is familiar with the topic. For a test prep student, I teach not only the underlying material, but also how to think about the exam and the different question types.