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The way people share their knowledge has always appeared to me as something unmatched in it's wonder. I grew up in a family that had two Teachers. At a very early age, our parents gave us the love of sharing our knowledge with others, by helping them in their learning needs.

I entered the University of Lille, in France, to earn a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. During my college years, I kept helping high school students around me who were struggling with their school subjects, especially Math. Between the love of helping those struggling and the joy of seeing their faces lit by the exceptional pleasure of finally understand a hard subject, I very quickly became addicted to teaching.

I applied to become a substitute teacher in Middle and High Schools around the Lille School District. I kept that position way beyond my B.S., continuing to teach part-time until it became impossible due to a schedule conflict with my other job as Software Developer.

When I moved to the States, I took advantage of any opportunity to help the people around me, from the young students in my neighborhood to the agents working in my company taking classes trying to move their career ahead. You can easily understand that teaching is the passion of my life besides coding.

In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music and reading.

Undergraduate Degree:

Lille 1 University, Lille France - Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Listening to music and going to dance clubs. I read, often, in all subjects, both fiction and nonfiction.

College Computer Science

High School Computer Science

Technology and Computer Science