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I graduated from the University of Colorado-Denver with a Bachelors in Biology and French. Currently, I work for a company that teaches French, Spanish and Chinese to elementary aged children making sure the kids have a good auditory understanding of the languages before starting high school. Having studied French and biology in college I am very passionate about making sure kids experience the excitement of learning. Currently I tutor math, science, reading and French. There is no such thing as someone "just not getting it". In my opinion, everyone has the ability to learn anything, it all depends on the gradient and the passion of both the student and the teacher. Everyone is capable of learning everything and anything. It is important to understand this so that frustrated students bring down their walls and actually accept help. Besides helping people learn I am a skydiver, a Wing Chun student (which is a form of Kung Fu), and an avid cook. I also enjoy spending time with my kitty, my family, and my friends, reading, watching movies and playing video games.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Colorado Denver - BS and BA, Biology and French

Skydiving, Wing Chun, reading, watching movies, playing video games