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I am a graduate of two universities: L'Institut Catholique de Paris, France and San Francisco State University. I received my Bachelor of Science in International Relations with a focus in French and English as a Second Language. I speak French fluently and I am ESL certified. My last year of college, I traveled to France to teach ESL to French High School students in a vocational school. My time with those students would change the course of my future. Since graduation, I have been lucky enough to tutor children from various socio-economic backgrounds. I tutored for an organization where homeless children and families can find reliable and qualified tutors. I have worked as a full time, private care giver and tutor for two families with homeschooled children and serious medical handicaps. I have tutored French and English for a language company well known internationally for its complete immersion approach to languages. I have also worked as a translator for a French Travel Agency and language interpreter for a French day care in San Francisco. While I can tutor many different subjects, I am most passionate about the languages. I speak French fluently, am ESL certified, and I have proficient knowledge of the German Language. I am also a Political Science, Geography, and History buff and love to share this knowledge with my students! I find that the best approach to tutoring is getting to know my students and learning what his or her passions are. I love tailoring my lessons to help appeal to the interests of my students. I want my students to walk away from our sessions feeling empowered with the tools and knowledge that will help them overcome any academic obstacle they may be facing. Some fun facts about myself: I have been acting since I was a kid and recently performed with Shakespeare & Company in Massachusetts. I love the performing arts, dance, singing, movement, and even martial arts!

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Lauren’s Qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: San Francisco State University - Bachelor of Science, International Relations


Theatre, Shakespeare, Acting, Voice, Music, Instruments, Jazz, Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts, Biking, Rock Climbing

Tutoring Subjects

10th Grade Reading

10th Grade Writing

11th Grade Reading

11th Grade Writing

12th Grade Reading

12th Grade Writing

1st Grade Math

1st Grade Reading

1st Grade Writing

2nd Grade Math

2nd Grade Reading

2nd Grade Writing

3rd Grade Math

3rd Grade Reading

3rd Grade Writing

4th Grade Math

4th Grade Reading

4th Grade Writing

5th Grade

5th Grade Math

5th Grade Reading

5th Grade Science

5th Grade Writing

6th Grade

6th Grade Math

6th Grade Reading

6th Grade Science

6th Grade Writing

7th Grade

7th Grade Math

7th Grade Reading

7th Grade Science

7th Grade Writing

8th Grade

8th Grade Math

8th Grade Reading

8th Grade Writing

9th Grade Math

9th Grade Reading

9th Grade Writing

Adult Literacy

Algebra 3/4

AP US Government

College English

Conversational French

Conversational German

Elementary School

Elementary School Math

Elementary School Reading

Elementary School Science

Elementary School Writing




French 1

French 2

French 3

French 4


German 1

German 2

High School Chemistry

High School English

High School Writing



Middle School

Middle School Math

Middle School Reading

Middle School Science

Middle School Writing




Social studies


Q & A

What is your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosophy is to always meet students where they are and support their natural talents! By understanding what excites my student, the easier it is for me to help tailor my lessons to their interests and make learning fun!

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

I always ask students questions about themselves and why they have chosen to learn a particular subject. I want to know what their goals are, long term and short term, and I want to know if they could choose another medium to learn in, i.e. dance, music, film, acting, drawing, writing, reading, etc., what would they choose?

How can you help a student become an independent learner?

I believe the best way to help students take control of their learning is by asking them directly what they expect to see or want to have happen during their tutoring. I usually ask this question at the end of the session so that students can reflect on our session, and also realize that it is up to them to make those goals and expectations a reality!

How would you help a student stay motivated?

The best way to stay motivated is by having a clear short-term goal in place. It's important that tutors and students work together to set short-term goals at the beginning and end of each of their sessions-- Things that they want to accomplish today, and what do they want to accomplish for next time? Consistently reminding students of their goals lets them know that they have someone rooting for them and someone who will be checking in on their progress.

If a student has difficulty learning a skill or concept, what would you do?

There are many ways that people learn. If a student is having difficulty understanding a particular concept, I would try a different learning approach to that concept. Perhaps that student learns best through songs? Repetition in movement? Maybe that student is a visual learner and needs concrete, visual examples to give purpose to a concept. Maybe that student is an auditory learner and may simply need an audio recording of a lesson or concept. It's important to try many different learning approaches in order to find the best that is suited to that student.

How do you help students who are struggling with reading comprehension?

One way to help students who are struggling with reading comprehension is by taking time to act out a scenario in which the story is happening. By assigning roles to multiple people and setting up the environment/plot, a student can begin to imagine for themselves the situation, plot, characters and relationships in the story.

What strategies have you found to be most successful when you start to work with a student?

Strategies that I have found to be most successful in teaching are first and foremost, learning about my students. The more I learn about what interests students, where their dreams are, and what excites them, the more I am able to tailor my lessons to them. In turn, they become more motivated when lesson plans are focused on their desires and biggest goals.

How would you help a student get excited/engaged with a subject that they are struggling in?

As I only tutor subjects that I'm excited about, I would begin by asking students what their interests are, long term goals and short term goals, what brought them to learning this subject, etc. If a student is having difficulty really finding answers to these questions, I would give a few examples of my own personal reasons and experiences that pertain to my interest in the subject. By reminding students of their own, short-term goals, students know that there is someone holding them accountable and engaging them.

What techniques would you use to be sure that a student understands the material?

One of the best techniques in language learning is to simply ask what a student notices about a particular sentence, paragraph, story, listening activity, etc. By asking them specific questions first instead of giving them answers, students are forced to reflect on the knowledge they already do have and respond with their own answers. If a student is not able to reach an answer, then I would introduce a possible answer and see if that triggers their understanding and their ability to explain the answer.

How do you build a student's confidence in a subject?

One of the most important roles a tutor plays for a student is becoming that students personal cheerleader. Tutors are there because they are passionate about what they teach. They want to share that passion with others who share that same interest. It is our jobs to encourage, support, motivate and push our students to do the best they possibly can. The more support and praise we offer students, the more their self confidence grows, and they begin to feel confident in the material.

How do you evaluate a student's needs?

By asking students specific questions regarding the subject at hand. As I am primarily a language tutor, it is important that I ask students specific questions regarding grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, etc., in order to assess their level of understanding. If I simply provide all the answers for students, there is no way of knowing exactly where they are in their language development. Language development is an ongoing process that is best acquired by following certain steps and rules of that language. Asking the right questions gives me the right assessment of what steps that student has already learned or has yet to learn in that language.

How do you adapt your tutoring to the student's needs?

In my first session with a student, I always ask why it is they have chosen to learn this subject. If they are up against a deadline, or need this subject for a certain class, degree, etc., there are obviously certain needs that need to be addressed first. I need to know what that student's priorities are before I can know how to tailor my lessons to their needs.

What types of materials do you typically use during a tutoring session?

I always use particular texts for my language students. Particularly, English grammar for students of French, German, etc. This is a great source for learning any language. I also like to bring a textbook, dictionary and verb tense book. I always bring a pad of paper and pen and take notes throughout the entire session that I give to my students at the end of each session for their personal notes.

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