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Hector F.

I am a graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA with a B.A. in psychology. Following graduation I worked at youth crisis shelter/group home with foster kids, homeless kids, kids transitioning out of juvenile detention, and teens and families in crisis. I am now a PhD student in clinical psychology at Purdue University. I have been fortunate to have a variety of tutoring experiences with a diverse group of students. I tutored two 13-year-old boys in all subjects; tutored children and adolescents 10-18 in all subjects while working at the shelter; and currently I am a teaching assistant at Purdue University leading lectures, creating course content and exams, and meeting individually with students during office hours. While I am happy to tutor a broad range of subjects, I most enjoy tutoring for Spanish, Math, and Psychology. I particularly enjoy helping students critically think about and understand different concepts and theories within psychology and helping students process through and figure out math problems. As a tutor I try to work collaboratively with my students by encouraging and equipping them to come to answers on their own. I emphasize understanding the process and rationale for why something is right, rather than only focusing on getting the correct answers. This process of giving semantic meaning to the concepts and theories that we learn helps to better ingrain information, and allows for that information to be used in a variety of contexts which is the point of education! In my spare time, I love to play and watch sports, spend as much time as possible at the beach, work out, read books that broaden my perspective on the world, and invest in my close friends, family, and community.

Undergraduate Degree:

Westmont College - Bachelor in Arts, Psychology

Graduate Degree:

Purdue University-Main Campus - PHD, Clinical Psychology

GRE Verbal: 164

Hector enjoys playing and watching sports, spending time with family and friends, and reading

Elementary School Math

Social Sciences

Spanish 1