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I received my BS in Biology from California State University Long Beach with minors in Chemistry and Classical Studies and am currently working toward a Masters Degree in Biology at the same institution. As part of my masters program, I teach undergraduate lab courses. I am currently teaching biological statistics, but have also taught general intro biology lab courses as well. Not only does teaching lab courses put me in front of a class presenting information, but I also hold office hours where students can get one on one help, similar to a tutoring setting. In addition to this I have done some unofficial tutoring in both math and science. I am currently tutoring biology and various math subjects. I enjoy the critical thinking aspect of math and the many angles it can be approached from, making it my favorite subject to teach. As a teacher I am a firm believer that if a student comes to a conclusion on their own, rather than just being told the answer they will not only remember the information better, but also build confidence in the subject and have a sense of accomplishment. Outside of academia, I grew up singing and performing in community theatre and continue to appreciate the arts, although I do not perform very much myself anymore. I also love running and being outdoors. I find that it is important to have time to clear your head and think and running is that for me. Overall I would consider myself a lover of knowledge, arts and nature.

Undergraduate Degree:

 CSU Long Beach - BS, Biology

Graduate Degree:

 CSU Long Beach - MS, Biology

singing, performing in community theater, running, outdoors, hiking, and camping