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I have been tutoring for about six years now. This started with helping friends and classmates in high school which eventually transferred to tutoring in my free time during college. After a year and a half at college, I applied to tutor for the LARC, UCI's Learning and Academics Resource Center. Tutors teach in an office hours/extra lecture style, going over some of the lectures for the more common classes (Organic Chemistry, Humanities Core, Biochemistry) each week as well as answering any questions and using worksheets to test and further a student's understanding.

Outside of tutoring, I'm an avid rock climber (Bouldering, specifically). Other than that, I enjoy snowboarding and playing video games in my free time. I'm currently a lab worker for a company that does diagnostic medical testing and some of the labwork for vaccine clinical trials and am looking to get a masters to continue that line of work.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of California-Irvine - Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences

SAT Math: 710

MCAT: 33

GRE: 330

GRE Quantitative: 170

GRE Verbal: 160

Rock climbing, Snowboarding, Video games

College Biology

College Chemistry


High School Biology

High School Chemistry

Quantitative Reasoning