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I received my bachelor Business degree and a Masters degree in Philosophy. I have studied several Literature courses as well. I have experience in teaching in private and group classes as well as in planning and coordinating different educational, cultural, business and touristic projects.

I have been teaching Spanish to people from different nationalities since 5 years ago and literature to young people. I love to have conversations with my students about the Mexican culture and about books, movies and art in general. I have always tried to use my Latin background and my passion for literature and for cinema while I taught the Spanish language. In my experience the best way to learn a language is through the topics that you like, so I hope to share the same interests with my students. I also like to use different methods in my classes such as topic analysis, games, role-playing, story telling, workbooks, student’s presentations, discussions exercises, etc. I am open to using any creative technique to make more attractive the class. I also try to push my students to critical thinking as a way to improve and enrich life.

Undergraduate Degree:

Iberoamericana - Bachelor in Arts, Business

Graduate Degree:

El colegio de León - Masters, Philosophy

Reading, watching movies, walking around the city.

College English

Conversational Spanish

High School English

Spanish 1