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I come from Dehradun, India. I finished high school there and now I am studying computer engineering.
I have been working on and fixing computers for the past 10 years now.
I received training for the CISCO A+ certifications and have been working as a computer repair operator and a web designer.
Since I completed my calculus classes at college, and now taking higher math classes, I have been tutoring students and friends! The feedback I get about my teaching techniques is that I try and make it easy for the person to understand the concept and solve the problems!
Being a programmer, I love teaching computer programming and mathematics. I also have a strong interest in physics and chemistry!
My hobbies include singing and watching movies - especially Bollywood movies. I love hiking and exploring new areas, as I always feel I haven't seen enough.

Undergraduate Degree:

Moorpark College - Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering

Undergraduate Degree:

University of California-Irvine - Current Undergrad, Computer Science/Engineering

Singing, Movies, Hiking, Exploring

College Computer Science

High School Computer Science

Technology and Computer Science