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I graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2014 with Bachelors of Science degrees in Mathematics and Statistics. I anticipate enrollment in the Masters of Applied Sciences program at Missouri State University in Fall 2015.
I have tutored Math and Science in Columbia/Springfield, MO for the last 4 years. I have tutored everything from Algebra to Statistics on the math side and specialize in Chemistry and Physics on the science side, I have worked with students ranging from 5th grade up to Graduate Students. I specialize in College Algebra and the topics covered on the AP Calculus/Chemistry/Physics exams but my favorite class to teach is Calculus III because of the vast applications it has to other subjects.
When I tutor I want to impart critical thinking skills above all else. If I help a student memorize how to solve a type of problem that may help them for a test, but if I can help them understand why we solve the problem that way I believe they can carry that on to other classes and have increased comprehension long after tutoring ends.
When I'm not tutoring you will probably find me watching/playing basketball, adding yet another upgrade to my computer, or playing guitar.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Missouri-Columbia - Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Missouri-Columbia - Bachelor of Science, Statistics

Graduate Degree:

University of MIssouri - Kansas City - Master of Science, Computer Science

ACT Composite: 31

ACT Reading: 36

ACT Science: 35

GRE Verbal: 159

Building computers, Basketball, Reading

AP Computer Science

AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science Principles

Basic Computer Literacy



College Chemistry

College Computer Science

College Physics

Computer Programming

General Chemistry

High School Chemistry

High School Computer Science

High School Physics

IB Further Mathematics

IB Mathematical Studies

IB Mathematics


Mac Basic Computer Skills

Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science

Middle School Science

PC Basic Computer Skills

Technology and Computer Science

What is your teaching philosophy?

I think comprehending the underlying logic of a problem solving process will help a student more than helping them memorize the steps of the process.