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I am a graduate of the California Institute of Technology, where I received my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Since graduation, I've spent much of my time developing novel polymers for use in demanding applications such as experimental wind turbines and undersea oil pipeline. I've recently returned to Caltech as a research programmer, supporting an effort to further understand RNA/protein interactions through computational methods. Concurrently, I am also working on a Masters in Applied Mathematics, with a focus on numerical methods and nonlinear systems/chaos.

I have been a tutor since 2007, initially for Caltech's introductory and organic chemistry courses before branching out to private clients in the Los Angeles area. I sympathize with clients struggling to grasp abstract mathematical and physical concepts, as I am predominantly a visual and hands-on learner myself. Consequently, I find the most rewarding aspect of tutoring to be helping and allowing clients to connect "textbook" science to the real world, making the material more intuitive, relatable, and (dare I say) fun.

In my spare time, I enjoy competitive Magic: the Gathering and poker, recreational mathematics and cryptography, and vegan cooking.

Undergraduate Degree:

California Institute of Technology - Bachelor of Science, Chemistry

GRE: 1520

GRE Quantitative: 800

GRE Verbal: 720

Strategy gaming (board/computer games), Magic: the Gathering, recreational mathematics and cryptography, vegan food, cats

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