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Within the classroom I teach lessons which engage the mind, the heart, and the body. Throughout the school year, I direct young learners to establish goals that reflect a core set of values which comprise personal growth in all three realms. Together we ensure that these values are aligned with the prevailing school culture, as well as with those of their families and the broader community at large. As a team we then focus on perfecting the skills needed to achieve these goals.
In addition to pursuing academic rigor, I ask my students to work towards increasing physical, spiritual and critical fitness. Children need to exercise not only their bodies, but also train their minds to make good decisions within the constantly changing world. I have found this to be particularly important when it comes to mediating the effects of our culture’s media on their still forming minds. How can I as a teacher help them to not only be technically proficient in all subjects but to think for themselves and make ethical decisions? I seek to guide a student towards personal and civic responsibility, so that they can act as positive agents of change. The emphasis on civic-mindedness in the Loyola High School community is one of the main reasons I am drawn to your school.
I strongly believe that learning occurs best when students actively construct concepts from meaningful experiences that they can relate to inside and outside of the classroom. It is my role to present such opportunities and to facilitate critical thinking in student- centered discussions utilizing questions at all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Effective instruction should be as individualized and differentiated as necessary, and allows for deep insight into a select range of educational activities. Such teaching complements the various intelligences and maximizes the aptitudes of a diverse student body. Additional methodologies I incorporate include Project-Based Learning, Literature Circles, and Reciprocal Teaching. Critique is an opportunity to hone our vocabulary skills for communicating so that vague notions of “good” and “bad” recede.
Among students and faculty, I emphasize team-building because the ensuing collective power is often magical.

Undergraduate Degree:

Vassar College - Bachelor in Arts, Art

Graduate Degree:

School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Masters, MFA

SAT Composite: 1330

activism: innoventing/arting; social-sciences (tech); sports

AP Studio Art: 2-D Design

AP Studio Art: 3-D Design

AP Studio Art: Drawing



College English

High School English


Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization