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I am a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Classics, a Masters of Arts in Teaching in Latin, as well as a teaching certificate for Secondary Latin and an endorsement in Secondary English. While I was in graduate school at CU Boulder, I worked as both a private tutor and as a tutor for Student Athletic Services. In both positions I helped students improve their grades in their classes (both high school and college), deepen their understanding of Latin and Classical history, further explore Latin outside of the classroom, and complete an online Latin course. As a Varsity Tutor, I will continue to tutor exclusively Latin as that is the subject I am most passionate about. I love helping students discover that learning Latin is actually the most fun they could be having at any one time and that Latin and Roman history are, quite possibly, the coolest pursuits they could have. My teaching style is a reflection of my personal feelings; I ensure that my students have as much fun learning as I do teaching. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, hiking, visiting museums and training for a marathon.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Colorado Boulder - Bachelor in Arts, Classics

Graduate Degree:

University of Colorado Boulder - Master of Arts Teaching, Teaching Latin

reading, hiking, visiting museums and training for a marathon.

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