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I earned a B.S. In Economics from Michigan Technological University and a Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence from Penn State University. I tutor economics, geography, reading (including ACT prep), study skills, various math levels, ASVAB prep, and others. My favorite subjects to tutor are geography and reading. I believe that strong reading skills are the foundation of all the other academic skills and make everything easier. Geography is extremely important due to the global nature of business and leisure in our time. A solid understanding of where countries are and how geography impacts international relations catapults students ahead of their peers and often their teachers.

My tutoring style is one that pushes the student to work things out with me as a guide, rather than the student passively absorbing a lecture and hoping they can apply it later. My philosophy when teaching children to swim is simply to "make them swim" while teaching the skills and to expecting them to excel, rather than accepting excuses. I have a similar approach to tutoring academic subjects. That being said, encouragement is a large part of what I do and I am by by no means a "drill instructor."

I worked for the US army Corps of Engineers for four years out of college as a Regional Economist and did a one year civilian tour in Afghanistan as a GIS Specialist (I used my geography skills to make maps). I currently am moving away from office work and am employed as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and CrossFit coach. I enjoy reading, especially biographies and other non-fiction. My health and fitness are very important to me and I do my best to reflect that in my lifestyle.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Michigan Technological University - BS, Economics

Graduate Degree:

 Penn State - Online Campus - Graduate Certificate, Geospatial Intelligence

CrossFit, reading, and human movement.



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