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As a recent graduate from the University of Arizona with a degree in Math/Stats and 3 years of tutoring for the U of A I am best at tutoring Calculus I and II. I also love Statistics and Probability and am going to Graduate School at UCLA for Bio-statistics so I have those subjects down as well.

I think tutors are there to help polish concepts and check for real understanding of the subject. Instead of just plugging in numbers and getting the right answers I want you to know what those numbers represent, what the correct way to pursue the problem is, and why that is the correct way in the first place.

Outside of academia my time is spent evenly between reading fantasy books from the library on my kindle, playing video games with my friends, and watching Japanese film and animation.

I think of myself as fairly low-key, patient, and supportive. I don't expect anyone to get everything right all the time and I expect we will both make mistakes during the tutoring processes, but we will learn together what works best for you.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Arizona - Bachelor of Science, Math/Statistics

Fantasy&Superhero books, Co-op video games, Anime and Manga