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I have lived in Chicago for the majority of my life and graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago this past summer with a Bachelors Degree in Neuroscience. I will be attending medical school next fall, so for my gap year, I moved to Los Angeles and I am doing a research fellowship in Plastic Surgery at Keck Medical Center, part of the University of Southern California.

I have been teaching and tutoring since I was in high school, and it has not only shown me how much I love teaching, but how tutoring is not just a one way street. I have learned just as much from my students as they have learned from me. Being involved in the medical field, I also know that I will never stop being a student and thus can relate to the struggles we all face when learning new things. I believe that the one-on-one system of tutoring is the best way to learn because personalized attention is so important, but majorly lacking in education today.

I have a passion for Chemistry and Math, subjects I think are very applicable in the everyday world. More than anything, I try to make what I am tutoring simple and enjoyable, and relate the material to the student's life. I have always learned better when I understood the real-world applications of what I was doing, and I feel like being able to see the bigger picture of why they are learning what they are learning will greatly motivate them to understand the subject and maybe even find a hidden passion.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Illinois at Chicago - Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience

College Biology

College Chemistry

College English

College World History

Elementary School Math

High School Biology

High School Chemistry

High School English

High School World History