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Although I spent my formative years in St. Louis, I attained my higher education and have since lived in Southern California. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production with a minor in Germanic Studies and Honors from Chapman University, as well as a Masters Degree in German from the University of California, Irvine. My most intensive teaching experiences were in the small classroom setting of German courses I designed and instructed at UC Irvine, but I have also worked one-on-one with students in German and a range of other subjects. I am a polymath with a love for discovering the interconnectedness of all knowledge; for instance, I studied German not just because I love the language, but because it gave me access to learning more about culture, literature, philosophy, science, poetry, and cinema. This quest for interconnected knowledge is why I find joy in teaching multiple subjects, especially writing, math, German and reading. My love and understanding of writing, reading and math also make me a suitable teacher for standardized test preparation. I prefer a student-centered approach to tutoring: I get to know a student and work with them to develop ways of understanding a subject on their own terms (and writing in their own expressive voice) instead of telling them what the "correct" method or answer is. I take learning very seriously, but I prefer a comfortable, laid back and humorous teaching style and learning environment rather than an uptight or stressful one. On my own time, I am applying all the things I've learned from my disparate studies to developing video games and writing my own works of prose and poetry. I also enjoy fencing, film, music, and watching basketball.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Chapman University - BFA, Film Production, German

Graduate Degree:

 University of California-Irvine - MA, German

Video Game Development, Fencing, Cinema, Music, Language, Technology, Watching Basketball