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I have been an active learner all my life. Starting with some extra-curricular books in the first grade and continuing into my two recent Master's degrees. It is not just the formal learning that counts, but informal as well including reading, traveling, meeting new people, and trying new things, all of which enrich our lives. I have always been a strong advocate for education, because, I believe, it is the best way to explore the world and find one's place in it.

My philosophy, when it comes to education, is empowering and releasing the potential. As far as I am concerned, my student can be the next Ernest Hemingway, Friedrich Nietzsche, Margaret Thatcher or Fedor Dostoevski. My goal is to help my students recognize their potential and act upon it to achieve success. I am passionate about learning because it opens the whole wide world for me. I can only hope for the same for my students.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Minsk State Linguistic University - BA, English

Graduate Degree:

 Azusa Pacific University - MBA, Business

literature, theater, travelling, geopolitics, human rights