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I graduated cum laude from Wheaton College, a small New England Liberal Arts College, with a BA in Psychology. After college, I completed the Post-baccalaureate Premedical program at Columbia University and graduated this past May as a Dean's List student. I am currently living in Los Angeles doing medical research and applying to medical school. As a 4-year NCAA Varsity Tennis player, I understand the importance of balancing the rigor of academics with extra curricular activities. Because so many students have such a full and busy schedule, I believe tutoring sessions should be both informative and engaging. As a tutor I hope to not only teach, but also enrich your learning experience and have some fun while doing so. One of my favorite subjects to teach is Organic Chemistry. In my opinion, Organic Chemistry has a bad reputation and stigma in popular culture (e.g. Good Will Hunting: "No one studies Organic Chemistry for fun"). While in many ways it is challenging, if you put in the work it is one of the most exciting and fascinating subjects, especially if you are interested in medicine.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Wheaton College (Illinois) - BA, Psychology

MCAT: 31

MCAT Physical Sciences: 11

Tennis, Skiing, Golf, Reading, Cooking