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I am a graduate of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences with a B.S. in Chemistry and a focus in Pharmaceutics. From the start of my college career I tutored my peers, with my clients spreading my availability by word of mouth. My favorite subjects are Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. I have a passion for solving puzzles and mathematics is a perfect outlet for this passion. I have tutored students in subjects ranging from Basic Algebra to Quantum Mechanics. Despite no longer living in Boston I still have some of my students contacting me for intermittent aid. When I tutor I do not give answers, I help my students put together pieces of their own knowledge to come up with answers. I believe a good tutor is a guide more than a teacher; my goal is to help my clients achieve their maximum potential. Most of my spare time is spent training. I have a first degree black belt in Oki Ryu Kenpo, a style of American Kenpo. Despite my school being located in Rhode Island I continue to train here. In addition to this I love playing with my pets and cooking.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - BS, Chemisty

SAT Math: 700

Karate, Lacrosse, Hiking/Nature, Video Games, Fitness