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Hi, my name is Ashley and I love Math! Some may call me a geek but Math has been a favorite subject of mine since 2nd grade. I have taught and tutored Mathematics for many years, and I believe I have a special gift in the area. I am very good at breaking down mathematical topics to a very basic level and then using that base to build on as I help my students learn. There are many ways to figure out a math problem and I try my very best to use all those methods while tutoring to see which works best for my students. I am also an outdoors person, therefore, I love to connect topics to nature and all that we see around us. I am about as friendly as they come and love to make connections with people, making it easier for me to help those around me. I am very down to earth and love to help in any way I can. All in all, I love to share my Math skills and tricks with other people.

Undergraduate Degree:

Oakwood University - Bachelor of Science, Math Education

 State Certified Teacher

SAT Math: 760

reading, running, sports, gardening