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As a tutor, I believe in the adage that teaching a man to fish can feed him for a lifetime. My job is not to tell you what the right answers are, but rather, it is to teach you how to find them for yourself. I was taught growing up that success in academics wasn't really about academics; it was about diligence. I would like to help you to achieve success through not only diligent, but also effective work.

As a biology graduate from UCSD as well as someone experienced in standardized test preparation, I would like to offer my advice and strategy to you so that you may be someone that can be proud of your academic achievements, achievements that you've earned yourself and were not given to you.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of California-San Diego - Bachelor of Science, Molecular Biology

SAT Math: 800

SAT Verbal: 800

MCAT: 37

MCAT Verbal Reasoning: 12

MCAT Biological Sciences: 12

MCAT Physical Sciences: 13


College Biology

College Chemistry

High School Biology

High School Chemistry

MCAT Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior