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I am finishing a thesis for my Masters in Philosophy. Fittingly enough, I prefer the Socratic method when tutoring. I find that most students have the ability to answer most questions for themselves with a few properly directed questions from a good tutor. I also find that this method builds confidence in the student I am tutoring. This confidence is really helpful if your child underperforms due to test anxiety. I have developed syllabi for Introduction to Philosophy and Critical Thinking courses at San Francisco State University, as well as instructed those courses based on the syllabi I created. Along with lecturing for 3 classroom hours a week per course, I held two office hours a week per course. Office hours consist of one on one instruction with students that feel they need extra help in the course I was teaching. In philosophy, I focus on Theory of knowledge and Philosophy of Science. I grew up the oldest of six, and tutored most of my siblings in a variety of subjects as they grew up. I have been an instructor of some sort for a decade now, initially serving in the US Marine Corps teaching company standard operating procedures to new Marines out of boot camp, then continuing as a civilian skydiving instructor. I still teach skydiving today. I have lived many places, but I love southern California the most. This state is the only place I have lived where I can surf in the morning and climb a mountain that afternoon. I love the outdoors and I love physical activity. Most of all, I really love to teach. It has been the unifying theme in my life, and my passion.

Undergraduate Degree:

U C Riverside - Bachelor in Arts, Philosophy

Graduate Degree:

San Francisco State University - Master of Arts, Philosophy

SAT Math: 720

SAT Verbal: 720

GRE Quantitative: 740

MMA, The Ocean, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science, Skydiving, Wake Boarding, Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.

College English

Elementary School Math

High School English