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I am an Alumnae of Georgia Institute of Technology. I have been on the President's List and the Dean's List for academic excellence several times, and have been previously certified by the College Reading and Learning Association through the completion of tutor training.

I have been tutoring since 2009, and I enjoy tutoring students of all levels! I have tutored just about every Math and Science from the initial College Level courses, to High School, to Adult Education, and Middle School. I have a knack for observing the best learning method for the students that I tutor and adjusting based on their needs.

I am a very creative nerd, in the sense that I love to draw, sing, and dance just as much as I love a good book, Sudoku puzzle, or double integrating the outward flux of a fluid system with the Reynold's Transport Theorem.

Ultimately, the student's education will take them a long way in life, and the time is now to act. Every day a student is lost in a course is a day that they could have been achieving. There are times where we have all needed a little help and I take great pride in being a tutor that can provide an experience that caters to learners of all types.

Undergraduate Degree:

Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus - Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering

Swimming, Running, Reading, and Drawing!