Sociology : Social Reproduction and Social Mobility

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Social Stratification

A man works as a car mechanic most of his life and makes enough to support himself and his family, but not much more. One day, he quits his job as a car mechanic. He and his family move to a new town, and he starts a new job as a public transport driver, making about the same income as before.

What best describes the movement in social class of this man?

Possible Answers:

Urban mobility 

Horizontal mobility

Vertical mobility

None of these

Social mobility

Correct answer:

Horizontal mobility


Horizontal mobility is the correct answer because the man has stayed within the same social class (working class) but has changed occupation from car mechanic to working in public transport. Vertical mobility is incorrect because the man's social class has neither gone up or down, and social mobility is incorrect because again he is neither a group nor individual moving between social classes--just occupations. 

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