Sociology : Population, Urbanization, and the Environment

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Example Question #1 : Population, Urbanization, And The Environment

Which of the following is not a positive consequence of gentrification?

Possible Answers:

Increased social mix

Increased community consumption and economic stimulation

Reduction in crime and vandalism 

Increased property values

Increased homelessness and displacement of individuals

Correct answer:

Increased homelessness and displacement of individuals


Gentrification has been referred to as urban renewal and occurs when an area is revitalized by a pioneering group of individuals. These groups may make a particular community more desirable. Afterwards, entrepreneurs invest in local businesses and housing. This revitalizes an area, which results in a reduction in crime, increased property values, an increase in the social mix of the community, and a greater opportunity for community consumption and economic stimulation. On the other hand, the economic increases in the area may make properties too expensive for the original inhabitants. This displaces individuals and may cause community tensions and increased rates of homelessness. 

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