Sociology : Paid and Unpaid Labor

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Work, Consumption, And The Economy

Which of the following is not an example of unpaid labor?

Possible Answers:

Unpaid internships

Domestic labor

None of these

Volunteer work

Forced labor

Correct answer:

None of these


"None of these" is the correct answer. Unpaid work is work that is done without compensation. In "unpaid internships," students work for a company in return for experience not money. "Domestic labor" is unpaid but necessary in order for a household to function. Feminists claim that the pay gap between men and women is increased when domestic labor by housewives is taken into account. They postulate that women work as much as men; however, their work is not compensated monetarily and is seen as insignificant in respect to the outside views of the family. THis is despite its necessary function and utility value. Likewise, "volunteer work" for charitable corporations and "forced labor" are unpaid. 

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